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Headcases, by Donna Solomon (1995?)

For some time now my friends have said I was a head case. Guess now they're right, although I'd have to capitalize that title. I'm not even quite sure when it happened during the course of watching VR.5. Probably during "Escape." But as I've told friends, I know I've got it bad. I've even compiled a list of symptoms. You might want to take this quick test to discover your own level of Sampsonitis.

  1. You dislike instant coffee, yet are irrestiably drawn toward the Taster's Choice display at the supermarket.

  2. You beg Highlander fans for a copy of Tony's episode.

  3. Your list of future computer passwords includes OLIVER and SAMPSON.

  4. You rent Royce and actually watch the whole thing.

  5. You seriously consider going through old video tapes that you made over the years to search for Taster's Choice commercials to put them all together.

  6. You listen to the original cast recording of Chess, knowing full well that it's Murray and not Tony singing, but you still try to imagine how Tony sounded performing "One Night in Bangkok" and "Pity the Child."

  7. You consider going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in years so you can try visualizing what Tony looked like in fishnet stockings and a corset.

  8. You're browsing through the bargain books at Barnes and Noble and can't resist picking up a copy of Sunday, Bloody Sunday because the cover states that there are eight pages of photos and you want to see how much Murray and Tony look alike.

  9. You can't help thinking about all those years you watched Taster's Choice and thought "he's okay," but it took a British accent and a little angst -- ok, maybe a lot of angst -- to push you over the edge.

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