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Press Clippings
(These are the general press clippings. For press about a specific event, etc., see the page for that event, show, or whatever. For talk shows and radio and TV interviews, see Appearances.)

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  • FilmForce
    2002, January 12. "10 Questions: Anthony Stewart Head," by Kenneth Plume. General interview. See

  • Racing Post
    2002, January 7. "Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre to hold its first fund-raising event."



  • Evening Standard
    2001, December 19. "Buffy's favourite Brit; He made the nation's women swoon in that coffee ad and in America he's been called 'the sexiest man in sci-fi'. Now Anthony Head is back," by Andrew Billen. General interview.

  • Time Out
    2001, December 12. "Aga Papa! Nightmare Before Christmas," by Manish Agarwal. General interview.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, November 19. "Buffy actor at bazaar," by Tamsin Davis. About the Bath Cats and Dogs Home Christmas Fair.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, November 10. "Bath Cats and Dogs Home Christmas Bazaar." About the Bath Cats and Dogs Home Christmas Fair.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, November 9. "Buffy star to present award at Xmas fair," by Kate Tarling. About the Bath Cats and Dogs Home Christmas Fair.

  • Bath Chronicle Photos
    2001, October 29. "Halloween task for a vampire star." About the Halloween on the Green party.

  • TV Guide
    2001, Oct. 27-Nov. 2. "Hollywood Grapevine," by Mark Shwed. About leaving Buffy.

  • Posters Géants
    2001, October. "Anthony Stewart Head" by Pascal Andrieu. About Buffy and a little bit about the Giles spin-off.

  • Liverpool Daily Post
    2001, September 8. "Anthony Stewart Head." Short profile.

  • XPosé
    2001, Fall. "Heading Back Home," by Kate Anderson. About life after Buffy.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, August 17. "Ted takes to the stars," by Emily Williamson. About Royal United Hospital's Forever Friends appeal.

  • Non-Sport Update
    2001, August/September. "From Coffee to Coffins...Anthony Stewart Head Has You Covered." Mostly about Buffy.

  • Hello!
    2001, July 10. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Star Anthony Head At Home In Somerset With His Partner and Two Children," by Sean Vaardal.

  • Time Out
    2001, July 4. "Sidelines: How To Get a Head."

  • Dreamwatch
    2001, July. "Head Start," by John Mosby. About Buffy and the possible Giles spin-off.

  • SFX
    2001, July. "Ripping Yarns," by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas. About Buffy and the possible Giles spin-off.

  • Séries Mag
    2001, May-June. "Interview: Anthony Stewart Head."

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, May 23. "Buffy's friend gives web a helping hand."

  • Dreamwatch
    2001, May. "Buffy Round Table II," by Jenny Carillo. With ASH, Alyson, Hannigan, and Joss Whedon. About Buffy.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, February 24. "Buffy star leads fight for disaster children," by Rosslyn Brennan. About Friends of Chernobyl's Children.

  • Evening Times
    2001, February 12. "Star profile: Anthony Head." General article.

  • The Mirror
    2001, February 10. "Head hunted," by Neil Bonner. About Silent Witness.

  • Ceefax
    2001, February 10. "Murderous new role from Buffystar Head." About Silent Witness.

  • Teletext
    2001, February 10. "Buffy Anthony in a shock new role." About Silent Witness.

  • The Sun
    2001, February 10. "Don't tell Buffy," by Phil Tusler. About Silent Witness.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2001, February 8. "A dark new role for star of famous coffee ad," by Oliva Conley. About Silent Witness.

  • Evening Times
    2001, February 8. "Buffy's mentor turns to crime," by Brian Beacom. About Silent Witness.

  • Loaded
    2001, February. Sidebar to an article about Emma Caulfield (from Buffy). General article.

    2001, January 9. "True Brit," by Liane Bonin. About Buffy.

  • SeriesTV (Portfolio) Photos
    2001, January. "Anthony Stewart Head." General article.



  • Sunday Times
    2000, December 10. "An Englishman abroad: Buffy's Rupert Giles," by Stephen Armstrong. About Buffy.

  • Entertainment Weekly
    2000, December 1. "Interview with a Vampire," by Mary Kaye Schilling. With ASH and James Marsters. About Buffy.

  • XPosé
    2000, December. "Head Music," by Grant Kempster. About Buffy.

  • Dreamwatch
    2000, December. "A New Man," by John Mosby. Mostly about Buffy.

  • Daily Radar
    2000, November. "Interview with Anthony Stewart Head," Fred Topel. About Buffy.

  • Starlog
    2000, November. "Watching the Watcher," by Joe Nazzaro. About Buffy.

  • Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review
    2000, October. "Exclusive Interview: Anthony Head."

  • Radio Times
    2000, September 30-October 6. "My Kind of Day," talking to David Gillard.

  • Bath Chronicle Photos
    2000, September 5. About open day at the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2000, August 15. "On this day." Five years ago.

  • London Times
    2000, July 24. "Interference: Anthony Stewart Head," by Amber Cowan. General article.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2000, July 1. "A famous actor telephoned us," follow-up to the June 12 letter about ASH as Giles.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2000, June 12. "Big name actor lives in Bath," letter to the editor about ASH as Giles. (See July 1, 2001, follow up).

  • Evening Chronicle
    2000, May 25. "Demon fighter - From coffee beans to vampires, actor Anthony Stewart Head has found just the right gold blend when it comes to picking the choicest roles." General article.

  • Shivers
    2000, May. "Rupert Bares All," by David Richardson. About Buffy.

  • American Libraries Photos
    2000, May. About the opening of the Los Angeles Public Library's young-adult center.

  • School Library Journal
    2000, May. About the opening of the Los Angeles Public Library's young-adult center.

  • Dreamwatch
    2000, May. "Heads or Tails," by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas. Mostly about Buffy.

  • Dreamwatch
    2000, May. "Demonising Giles." About Giles' monster make-up.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2000, April 26. "Cats' and dogs' life," by Andrew Johnson. About an exhibit of the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

  • Bath Chronicle
    2000, April 20. "Actor takes lead." About campaign to save local post offices.

  • Western Daily Press
    2000, April 18. "Minister to reveal post office subsidies. Star's campaign role."

  • Bath Chronicle
    2000, April 18. "Actor 's support for animal home revamp. New Look: eight months to transform kennels for cats and dogs," by Andrew Johnson. About the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

  • Bath Chronicle Photos
    2000, March 1. "Learning the ropes for a classic role," by Harriet Arkell. About Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society.

  • Western Daily Press
    2000, February 21. "Head start in the sex race." About SFX Magazine "Sexiest Men in Sci-Fi."

  • News of the World Photos
    2000, January 30. "Americans love me in the Buffy," by Tim Oglethorpe.

    More press clippings: p. 2

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