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December 1998
Why did I do this site? It was mid-July, I was nervously waiting for September to come along so I could start grad school, and I was getting twitchy and needed a project to distract myself. This was the result. Since then, because of school, I've hardly had time to do any more research, so this update doesn't have much new information. I did redesign the site to make it navigating it less clunky. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and corrections (not that many, fortunately). There are still many gaps in information, and once life slows down a bit I'll try to fill them in. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. The next update will probably be around May 1999.

August 1998
Many thanks to Cynthia Boris, Elaine McMillian, and Karen Topinka, who kept me semi-sane while I was working on this; and to everyone who gave me access to and permission to use their materials. Please let me know of any corrections and additions that need to be made. After the initial upload on September 1, 1998, I won't have much time to do more research, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer and Copyright

This site is for information purposes only. The authors and creators of all articles, books, shows, photos, sounds, and websites used here own the copyright to their own materials, and no copyright infringement is intended by the use of such materials on this site.

This site was created in August 1998 by Betsy Vera, and anything not owned by the above copyright holders belongs to her. (The initial upload represents four weeks of online and library research; don't steal it, okay?)


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