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Anthony Stewart Head, September 8, 2001, author unknown.
[Syndicated article, appeared in several newspapers. This was the longest version I found.]

Image: Bookish favourite uncle.

Best Known For: Playing Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Early Life: Born in 1954, his mother was an actress in the TV series Maigret, and his father produced domentary films. Head soon discovered his love of acting and appeared in many school productions. After leaving school, he spent a year working for his father before studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Career: He won the role of Jesus in the West End production of the musical Godspell, and also played Frank N Furter in the Rocky Horror Show. This was followed by appearances in many TV series, including Love in a Cold Climate, Bergerac and Howard's Way. The actor found fame in Britain after starring in the Nescafe Gold Blend adverts which ran for six years during the Eighties.

He landed the part of Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1997. While he has stepped down from future episodes of the show to spend more time with his family in England, he is working on a spin-off with its creator Joss Whedon.

Love Life: He lives in England with his long-term girlfriend Sara Fisher and their two children, Emily and Daisy.

Don't Mention: VR.5, the fantasy series, in which he co-starred with Lori Singer. It was axes after one series.

Quote: On his Buffy character, Giles: "I first saw him as somewhere between Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham, with a bit of Prince Charles thrown in for good measure."

Tonight: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BBC2, 6:45pm.

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