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"A Line in the Sand," audio book, unabridged, read by Anthony Head. Author: Gerald Seymour. Publisher: Chivers. Twelve cassettes. 1998.


  • Library Journal, "A Line in the Sand (audiobook review)." October 1, 2000, by Michael Adams.
    A Line in the Sand by Gerald Seymour. 12 cassettes, unabridged. 15 3/4 hrs. Chivers Audiobks. 1999. ISBN 0-7540-0356-6. $96.95.

    An engineering salesman was a spy for British intelligence, providing details of Iranian biological and chemical weapons plants. Living under a new identity with his wife and stepson in a Suffolk village, Frank Perry becomes the target of an assassin, and the villagers turn against him for placing their lives at risk. Seymour's tale switches between the Perrys and their neighbors, the often embattled intelligence officers and police trying to protect them, and the determined killer, with the target seeming to do everything he can to make his protectors' job more difficult. Often compared to John Le Carre, Seymour lacks the master's subtlety, spelling out his themes too obviously. Anthony Head handles the narrative passages well but overacts during the frequent, loud arguments between characters. The author is most successful with minor characters like the eccentric civilian enlisted to track down the assassin and with ironic touches such as acts of kindness having fatal consequences. Recommended for public libraries. Michael Adams, CUNY Graduate Ctr.


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