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The Trial of Lord Lucan

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Television, November 10, 1994. Granada Television. Played Dominic Elwes.

Cast: Julian Wadham (Lord Lucan), Lynsey Baxter (Lady Lucan), Robin Ellis, Anthony Head (Dominic Elwes), [James Faulkner (Sir James Hallows QC), Paul Jesson (Det Ch Supt Roy Ranson)].

Reviews and Articles

  • The Times, "The risk of putting Lucan on trial--A mock trial may satisfy television viewers but it could bring about a grave injustice." October 28, 1994, by Giles Coren. (text)
  • Universal News Services, "12 Good Men and Women at the 'The Trial of Lord Lucan'" November 7, 1994.
    "...and a strong cast that includes Robin Ellis, Anthony Head and James Faulkner." (complete text)
  • The Times, November 10, 1994. (text)
  • The Times, November 11, 1994, by Lynn Truss. (text)
  • Daily Mail, "Such a trial for us all - The Trial of Lord Lucan (ITV)." November 11, 1994, by Marcus Berkmann.
    "Pity poor old Anthony Head, who, as Lucan's chum Dominic Elwes, had to say: 'He's a blue chip fanatic, not a black lace fetishist.' This was cruelty to actors, as indeed was his viciously coiffed hairstyle." (complete text)


  • Anthony Head resume, 1997

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