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Stage play by Oscar Wilde, 1990. Bristol Old Vic, Robert Carsen production.

Cast: Maggie Steed (Mrs. Erlynne); Joely Richardson (Lady Windermere); Jenny Lee (Duchess of Berwick); Jane Annesley; Anderson Knight (Hopper); Anthony Head (Lord Darlington); Alan Bennion (Augustus Lorton); Ian Price (Lord Windermere), Paul Cresswell (Parker), Christopher Luscombe (Mr. Cecil Graham), Hayward Morse (Mr. Dumby), Jane Annesley (Lady Agatha Carlisle), Anderson Knight (Mr. Hopper), Carol Lynn-Davies (Lady Plymdale), Caroline Harrington (Lady Jedburgh), Carol Kirkland (Mrs. Cowper Cowper), Amanda Clifford (Rosalie/Lady Stutfield), Lis Bishop, Julie Hoult, Phyllis McCarter, Richard Bond, Simon Bowen, Chris Lloyd, Derek Seward, David Taylor, John Westwood.

Other credits: Designer, Anthony Ward; Lighting, Tim Mitchell; Sound, Christopher Johns.


  • The Times, "Dated witch-hunt which makes sense as author's cool self-revelation." 16 April 1990, by Benedict Nightingale. (text)
  • Observer, 22 April 1990, by Michael Coveney. (text)
  • Financial Times, "Lady Windermere's Fan; Theatre Royal, Bristol." 23 April 1990, by B.A. Young.
    "Secretly I felt that she would have been better off with Anthony Head's courteous Darlington than with Ian Price's rather grumpy Windermere." (complete text)
  • Independent, 24 April 1990, by Kathryn Mead. (text)


  • Anthony Head resume, 1997
  • Chess playbill 1988
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998

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    Anthony Head and Joely Richardson
    Anthony Head and Joely Richardson

    Photo: Allen Daniels.