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Disclaimer and Copyright

This site is for information purposes only. The authors and creators of all articles, books, shows, photos, sounds, and websites used here own the copyright to their own materials, and no copyright infringement is intended by the use of such materials on this site.

This site was created in August 1999 by Betsy Vera, and anything not owned by the above copyright holders belongs to her.

Sources and Thanks

These are some of the sources I got information from for this site. Some of the sources (e.g., newspaper clippings) are only listed in the pages where I used them.

  • Everybody who ever posted a news tidbit to Buffy and Angel mailing lists and newsgroups.

  • Edward Robinson.

  • Internet Movie Database, http://www.imdb.com.

  • Plays and Players, UK theatre magazine.

  • Theatre Record (aka London Theatre Record), UK magazine that gathers newspaper theatrical reviews.

  • Tovarich programme book.

  • University of Bristol Theatre Collection, http://octopus.drama.bris.ac.uk:8880/site/.

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    Site created August 1999. This page created January 30, 2001; last updated March 8, 2001. Original material Betsy Vera (bentley@umich.edu). This website is for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to infringe on copyrights held by others.

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