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Stage play by Louise Page. Minerva Studio, Chichester; opened 20 August 1991. Directed by Caroline Sharman.

Cast: Simon Dormandy (Richard Stephens), Sharon Maughan (Annie Daviot), Petra Markham (Mary Stephens), Alexis Denisof (Luke, Annie's brother), Geoffrey Freshwater (Mr. Hodgkiss), Alex Scott (Edward, Annie's son), Howard Southern (Mr. Hardy; Mr. Mullins)

Other credits: Designed by George Farnsworth. Lighting by Steve O'Brien. Music by Corin Buckeridge. Sound by Tom Lishman.


  • The Times, "Shallow plot fails to flourish." September 5, 1991, by Benedict Nightingale.
    "There is little wrong with Caroline Sharman's direction, or with her cast, which also includes Petra Markham as the distracted 18th-century wife, Alexis Denisof as the smooth 20th-century brother..." (
    complete text)

  • Daily Mail, September 5, 1991, by Jack Tinker. (text)
  • Independent, September 6, 1991, by Paul Taylor. (text)
  • Financial Times, September 6, 1991, by Alastair Macaulay. (text).
  • Daily Telegraph, September 10, 1991, by Charles Spencer. (text)
  • Plays and Players, November 1991, by Ariane Koek. (text)

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    Sharon Maughan and Alex Scott
    Sharon Maughan, Alex Scott