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Stage play by Noel Coward. Minerva Studio, Chichester. Opened 5 June 1991. Directed by Tim Luscombe.

Cast: Tracey Mitchell (Lola), Elizabeth Stewart (Mrs. Tillett), Alan Bennion (Major Tillett), Miranda Kingsley (Elsie Birling), Andree Evans (Mrs. Birling), Edward Petherbridge (Mortimer Quinn), Jack Klaff (Stefan), Patrick Pearson (Ted Burchell), Alexis Denisof (George Fox), Sara Kestelman (Linda Valaine), Patricia Heneghan (Mrs. Hall-Fenton), Mary Pegler (Phyllis Hall-Fenton), Victoria Hasted (Gladys Hall-Fenton), Jane Montgomery (Hilda James), Peter Wingfield (Martin Welford).

Other credits: Decor, Paul Farnsworth; Lighting, Bill Bray; Sound, Tom Lishman; Assistant Director, Astrid Hilne.


  • The Guardian, June 7, 1991, by Nicholas de Jongh.
    "When a fabled young aviator - a true hero of the 1930s - arrives, a form of sexual competition, expressed between the lines, begins in which two young gay men (subtly enacted by Patrick Pearson and Alexis Deisof [sic]) and the author take the crucial parts. However the shy, diffident aviator, whom [Peter] Wingfield makes a touch too stiff and a mite too calm, aspires to Linda." (
    complete text)

  • Daily Telegraph, June 7, 1991, by Charles Spencer. (text)
  • Financial Times, June 7, 1991, by Andrew St. George. (text)
  • The Times, June 7, 1991, by Benedict Nightingale. (text)
  • Sunday Times, June 9, 1991, by John Peter. (text)
  • Independent on Sunday, June 9, 1991, by Irving Wardle. (text)
  • Mail on Sunday, June 9, 1991, by Kenneth Hurren. (text)
  • Sunday Telegraph, June 9, 1991, by John Gross. (text)
  • Independent, June 12, 1991, by William Cook. (text)
  • Herald Tribune, June 12, 1991, by Sheridan Morley. (text)

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    Jack Klaff and Sara Kestelman
    Jack Klaff and Sara Kestelman

    Photos: John Haynes