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School and Work:

  • Resume - in html format.
  • University of Michigan School of Information.
  • Sweetland Writing Center / English Composition Board: My first professional website job.
  • Stagecraft, information about online and print resources about sets/scenery, props, costumes and make-up, sound, and lighting. Originally prepared as a pathfinder for the Internet Public Library.

    About Bentley's Bedlam:

  • Discontinued: List and dates of discontinued Bedlam sites.
  • Awards given to Bedlam.
  • Index to Bedlam (still in the planning stages).
  • Jay Boersma: source for the notebook backgrounds I used in Fanfic Resources and About Writing.
  • Icon Bazaar: source for the camera icon I used in the Alexis Denisof site.
  • PicoSearch: source for the free search engine.
  • The Web Depot: source for the free posting boards.

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