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Some of the stuff I've written (plus one that Pod wrote):

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

  • Alice, the Vampire Slayer. May 1998. An alternate universe story: What if someone else, not Buffy, were the Slayer? Focuses on Giles and the Slayer. This story has appeared in the Sunnydale Slayers fanzine.

  • Faculty Meeting. October or November 1997. A short-short about Giles at a faculty meeting. This story has appeared in the Sunnydale Slayers fanzine.

  • The Good Luck Song. Fall 1997. This one only got as far as the second draft. I put it in my Beta Reading section, along with the beta readers' comments, to help people who don't know what to expect from beta readers.

    Forever Knight

  • Ghost of a Chance. 1996. Actually, Amparo Bertram wrote this one, but it's about me. It takes place in Forever Knight War #7.

  • A Hard Day's Night. Written for one of the Forever Knight Wars (if anyone remembers in what year I wrote this, please remind me). This was written back when Maureen was still misguided and played with the Mercenaries. As a Natpacker (and office-mate), I felt it to be my duty to attack her.

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