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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:23:44 -0500
Subject: Re: The Good Luck Song

Hi Betsy,

Sorry about dropping the ball on feedback. RL's been knocking at my door relentlessly the past couple of days. Man, do I hate job searching.

I'm writing from work so I don't have the story in front of me. So, going on memory, I liked the premise of the story--a glimpse into Giles' younger, pre-Slayer days is always of interest to me-- and I liked the development of the story in the form of Giles' search for that song. That was probably my favorite part of the story b/c it really helped get in his head. If you've read any of (title deleted), you'll know I'm a real sucker for the "let's root around in someone's head for awhile" approach.

In fact, if I have any constructive criticism to add, it would be just that--to add more introspection. I don't really get a sense of what, exactly, this ceremony means to Giles. Does it give him a sense of impowerment? Is it his first casting? If that second one is mentioned in the story, sorry. Like I said, I'm going on memory here.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. In short-- I read. I liked. :-)

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