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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 20:45:50 -5000
Subject: Re: SLAYER: FIC: The Good Luck Song (0/5) (fwd)

(Workin' my way slooooowly through the fic list... :-)

Bummer... the dangers of writing fic mid-season... :-/

    Anyway, it's my first fanfic, it's in second-draft form and is out being

First Buffyfic, you mean, right??? :-)




Geez, I dunno... some GASPer should be able to help you out though...

I love this whole section... the description of the ritual and their reactions to it... and the world's reaction... your description is very... "tangible", I guess... I like much :)

So Giles has a history of dragging new acquaintances off to do odd rituals, huh? :-)))

"so desperate"

check the end of the line...

This is what I mean about the killer description... it's great!

It cuts off a bit suddenly, but I think it works o.k. (I should talk. I always try to do endings like this and ***** beats on me and makes me write more... what can I say? I've been well-trained. :-)

Very nice story... very Giles, somehow... the whole thing. I could almost see him telling it first-person like this. Fits very nicely!

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