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Stage play by Edmond Rostand, new version by John Wells. Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Opened 14 December 1992. Directed by Elijah Moshinsky.

Cast: Robert Lindsay (Cyrano de Bergerac), Stella Gonet (Roxane), Gary Cady (Christian de Neuvillette), Richard O'Callaghan (Ragneneau), James Staddon (Le Bret), Julian Glover (de Guiche), Charles Dale (Montfleury; Carbon de Castel-Jaloux), Dylis Hamlett (Duenna; Mother Marguerite), Alexis Denisof (Vicomte de Valvert; Baron Colignac), Dominic Curtis (Stage hand; L'Orange; Lord Antignac), Guy Masterson (Bellerose; de Luise; Baron Guy de Monflanquin), Nick Lucas (Actor; de Guiche's guard; priest), Louise Delamere (Actress; Marianne; Celimene's friend; Sister Clara), Rob Jarvis (Musician; Pousson; Selechan of Selechan), Rebecca Charles (Celimene; customer), Cheryl Fergison (Eliante; Lise Ragueneau; Sister Martha), Leon Lissek (Ligniere; a Capuchin), Gavin Abbott (D'Artagnan; de Blanc; Selechan of Cree), Matthew Tinker (Porthos; de Guiche's guard), Bob Barrett (Baron de Valere; Lise's musketeer; Viscomte de Malgoure), Nicolas Caunter (Marquis de Farge; Leander; Sir Jacques of the Lost Lake), Christopher Kent (Marquis d'Escoffier; Jouet; Baron Casterac; Bertrandou), Leon Tanner (Cuigy; Begue; de Guiche's guard); David Shaw Parker (Brissaille; Octave).

Other credits: Designed by Michael Yeargan. Lighting by David Hersey. Sound by Paul Arditti. Choreography by Eleanor Fazan. Music by Jason Carr. Fights by William Hobbs.


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    Stella Gonet and Robert Lindsay
    Stella Gonet and Robert Lindsay

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