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Misadventures of Margaret

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Movie (UK/France), 1998. aka "Les Folies de Margaret." Written and directed by Brian Skeet, based on the novel "Rameau's Niece" by Cathleen Schine.

Cast: Parker Posey (Margaret Nathan), Jeremy Northam (Edward Nathan), Craig Chester (Richard Lane), Elizabeth McGovern (Till Turner), Brooke Shields (Lily), Corbin Bensen (Art Turner), Justine Waddell (Young Girl), Patrick Bruel (Martin), Stephane Freiss (The Philosopher), Alexis Denisof (Dr. Samuel Lipi), Amy Phillips (Sarah from Brighton).


  • Variety, "The Misadventures of Margaret (movie reviews)." 23 February 1998, by Todd McCarthy. (text)

  • Film Scouts Reviews, by Richard Schwartz. http://www.filmscouts.com/scripts/review.cfm?File=mis-mar

  • Daily Mail, "Take the great escape from this tosh." 23 April 1999, by Christopher Tookey.
    "She tries to satisfy her seven-year itch with a bisexual girlfriend with the dress-sense of Danny La Rue (Brooke Shields), a priapic dentist of dubious extraction (Alexis Denisof)..." (complete text)

  • Empire Online, June 1999, by Caroline Rees; and September 1999. http://www.empireonline.co.uk


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