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Movie (Dutch/British), 1989. Written by Markus Innocenti. Directed by Eddie Arno and Markus Innocenti.

Cast: Christopher Lee (Willard Hope), Bruce Boa (Corrigan), Alexis Denisof (Tony Zonis), Stacia Burton (Marty), Kieron Jecchinis, Jeff Hardin (Larry DeLeo), Kate Harper (Swan), Garrick Hagon, Marie Stillin, Bill Bailey.

Storyline: "Tony wants to write the next great suspense thriller so he goes to study with the best. The two pick through the papers looking for the unusual story that makes a great thriller. What they found was far more serious. Tony isn't writing the next bestseller - he's writing his own obituary."


  • Variety, August 9-15, 1989.
    "Lee is authoritative as the cultivated armchair hero pressed into action, in a departure from his sinister roles. Young leads Desinof [sic] and Burton are engaging." (complete text)


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