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Stage play by Patrick Hamilton. Minerva Theatre, Chichester (Chichester Festival Theatre--July 7 to August 7, 1993). Directed by Keith Baxter.

Cast: John Barrowman (Wyndham Brandon), Alexis Denisof (Charles Granillo), Roger Ennals (Sabot), Simon Chadwick (Kenneth Raglan), Debra Beaumont (Leila Arden), Richard Warwick (Sir Johnstone Kentley), Dawn Keeler (Mrs. Debenham), Anthony Head (Rupert Cadell).


  • Evening Standard, "Perfect Passions." July 12, 1993, by Michael Arditti.
    "...one of the strengths of Keith Baxter's near-faultless production is that it allows us to hate the sin while loving the sinners. This is largely the result of two magnificent performances from John Barrowman and Alexis Denisof..." "...while taking a thoroughly modern line with the homoerotic subtext which, in Barrowman and Denisof's committed performances, becomes overt lust." (
    complete text)

  • Financial Times, "Rope ensures a reputation - Theatre." July 12, 1993, by Andrew St. George.
    "Brandon (John Barrowman) differentiates himself neatly from the less expansive and murch surlier Granillo (Alexis Denisof). Throughout the party, both indulge the thrill of a healthy crime and the sprezzatura of its execution. Both characters drink heavily, and at times stagger round the stage like bleary bachelors at a stag party. But their interchanges have an excitement and breathlessness born naturally out of their situation." (complete text)

  • The Times,"Thrills at Chichester but stilted didacticism on the London Fringe - Knot for the faint-hearted." July 13, 1993, by Jeremy Kingston.
    "Brandon (John Barrowman) is hard, dominant and seemingly in control of his feelings, Granillo (Alexis Denisof) malleable and jittery. These two actors persuasively suggest the panic being held back, behind the smiling or sour mask of bravado." (complete text)

  • Evening Standard,"Right blend for coffee lover." July 14, 1993, by Robin Stringer. (text)

  • Sunday Express, July 18, 1993, by Clive Hirschhorn. (text)

  • Daily Telegraph, July 19, 1993, by Robert Gore-Langton.
    "But it is the central performances that grab your attention. Alexis Denisof plays the panicky, hair-creamed Granillo, who tries to drown his guilt in the whisky decanter..." (complete text)

  • International Herald Tribune, July 28, 1993, by Sheridan Morley. See Spectator, July 31,1993.

  • Spectator, July 31, 1993, by Sheridan Morley.
    "Around him, Baxter has assembled John Barrowman and Alexis Denisof as the killers for two more power-house performances in an evening of terrific and tremendous tension." (complete text)

  • Plays and Players, August 1993, by Jan Whitehead.
    "Superlatives seem inadequate for Keith Baxter's splendid electrifying production. John Barrowman (Brandon) and Alexis Denisof (Granillo) as the murderers have every changing mood tightly controlled. Both give hypnotically intense performances." (complete text)


  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery.

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  • London Theatre Record, 1993 and 1994.
  • Plays and Players, August and December 1993.

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