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Movie (British), 1996, about the Oxford "Boat Race" mutiny of 1987. Based on the book by Daniel Topolski and Patrick Robinson. Written by Rupert Walters. Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax.

Cast: Johan Leysen (Daniel Topolski), Dominic West (Dnald Macdonald), Josh Lucas (Dan Warren), Brian McGovern (Rick Ross), Ryan Bollman (Morrison Black), Andrew Tees (John Smythson), Edward Atterton (Freddy Prideaux-Jones), Nicholas Rowe (David Ball), Jonathan Cake (Patrick Conner), Andrew Clover (Rob Atkins), Alexis Denisof (Ed Fox), Dylan Baker, Geraldine Somerville, Robert Bogue, Tom Hollander, Noah Huntley, Brian McGovern, Patrick Malone.


  • Online, December 1996. This page has press clippings, viewer reviews, and comments about the movie from people involved in the real-life events. http://www.regatta.rowing.org.uk/TrueBlue.html

  • Empire Online. Reviews on December 1996 by Bob McCabe, and July 1997 by Neil Jeffries. http://www.empireonline.co.uk


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