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(with Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan)

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Mail-in Vote: Should She Go With The Neighbor or the Ex? Mail-in Vote: Should She Go With The Neighbor or the Ex?

Sharon and Tony
Sharon and Tony
Tony and Sharon
Tony with coffee cup
Sharon and Tony

Ads for the ads. TV Guide, September 1991, including the 2nd week Fall Preview issue.

Taster's Choice/Murder She Wrote TV Guide listing & photo Taster's Choice/Coming to America TV Guide listing & photo Taster's Choice/Knots Landing TV Guide listing & photo

Pictures from special "Sharon and Tony" inserts shown during the TV broadcast of the 9th Annual Soap Opera Awards.

Tony Tony Tony Sharon Tony Sharon

"Love Over Gold": a videotape compilation of all the Gold Blend commercials (original version of the ads, remade in America as the Taster's Choice commercials); cover of the novelization.

front of tape box spine of tape box
book cover

More pictures: p. 2 - p. 3

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