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Television commercials for Nestle instant coffees, starring Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan. In the U.K., the ads were for Gold Blend and ran for twelve episodes, from 1987 to 1993. In the U.S., they advertised Taster's Choice (thirteen episodes), and ran from 1990 to 1997.

Video and Book: The first eleven Gold Blend episodes were released as a free promotional video, Love Over Gold in 1993. A novelization by the same title, written by mystery writer Susan Moody under the pseudonym Susannah James, reached the Sunday Times (London) paperback fiction best-seller list that year. (About the book: Press Association News, "Love at last for coffee's golden couple." February 8, 1993, by Teilo Colley. (text)). A "branded CD of love songs" also became a best-seller.

The characters: What were the character's names? Good question. In the novel, their names are Matthew Prescott and Alexandra Maitland. In the American ads, his name is Michael. The press clippings refer to them as Tony and Sharon. In the novel and the British ads, he's a modern art dealer. In the novel, she's a features editor at a "glossy London monthly magazine."

"At an advertising seminar last month entitled "Campaign Strategies: How Memorable Ads Are Made" at the Museum of Broadcasting, [...] compared Sharon and Tony with Tracy and Hepburn." (NYT, 11/22/92)

In February 1998, Taster's Choice ran a contest: Should she end up with Michael or with her son's father? The results were announced in the March 3, 1998, Soap Opera Digest: Voters preferred Michael. "Rumor has it that they've eloped, and Michael is constantly showering her with affection, flowers and, of course, Taster's Choice."


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  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998

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