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Barq's & Buffy Halloween Bash

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Barq's & Buffy Halloween Bash, Oct. 26, 1999, to benefit Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Caption for second picture: "The Halloween party got started early for stars of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and fans from around the U.S. who won a trip to the Barq's & Buffy Halloween Bash held Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1999, in Los Angeles, benefiting Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Attendees included actors Nicholas Brendon, center, who plays Xander, Anthony Stewart Head, left, who plays Giles, and the Chairman of the Board of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Foundation Walt Rose." (photo by John T. Barr)


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Barsq's Buffy cans
Anthony Head, Nicholas Brendon, Walt Rose
Barsq's Buffy cans