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Television series, 1981-91. BBC. Episode: "See You in Moscow" (season 1, episode 5), 15 November 1981. Directed by Don Leaver. Written by Gerry O'Hara.

Series Description: "Robert Banks Stewart created and produced, initially, this detective series set on the Channel Island of Jersey. Det. Sgt. Jim Bergerac (John Nettles) was the offshore policeman who often found himself caught up in the affairs of the super-rich in the isolated millionaire's community of Jersey. Also appearing were Terence Alexander, as Bergerac's former father-in-law Charlie Hungerford, and Cecile Paoli, as one-time girlfriend Francine (later on in the series he retired from the force and shared his life with Danielle Aubry, played by Therese Liotard, between freelance detective adventures). Bergerac came about when Trevor Eve, star of Shoestring, did not want to do another series and producer Robert Banks Stewart decided to adapt the sleuth format/thriller series to Jersey. The theme music was composed by George Fenton." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)

Regular and Recurring Cast: John Nettles (Jim Bergerac), Terence Alexander (Charlie Hungerford), Sean Arnold (Crozier), Annette Badland (Charlotte), Mela White (Diamante Lil), Cecile Paoli (Francine Leland), Deborah Grant (Deborah Bergerac), Lindsay Heath (Kim Bergerac).

See You in Moscow. Jim's day off is ruined when a highly placed civil servant deserts her job, believing she's defecting to Russia with her lover. Guest Cast: Sarah Kestelman (Margaret Semple), Helen Shingler (Mrs. Semple), Bernard Gallagher (Colonel Measures), Michael Osborne (Collins), George Irving (Gregori), Colin Rix (Khomyakov), Michael Forrest (Brideson), Christopher Rozychi (Belov), Ray Mort (Kranski), Hilary Crane (Mrs. Kranski), Anthony Head (Bill), Linsay Beauchamp (Girl in Office), Harry Waters (Doctor), Alfred Hoffman (Fisherman), James Curran (Detective Constable), James Duggan (Immigration Officer), Paul Hegarty (Scots Hiker), Elaine Ashley (Molly). (from episode guide)

Note: Helen Shingler (Mrs. Semple) is Anthony Head's mother.


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