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Series Description: "The Gentle Touch (LWT, 1980-84): Jill Gascoine starred as Det. Insp. Maggie Forbes, a woman whose life was split betwen her roles as a wife (her husband ws also a police officer), a mother, and being a policewoman. Kim Mills, Jack Williams, and Michael Varney-Elliott shared the producing chores over fifty-six hour-long episodes. [Also starring William Marlowe.] The following year, Gascoine/Forbes returned in C.A.T.S. Eyes (TVS, 1985-87) as the leader of a special intelligence squad (Covert Activities, Thames Section), under Home Office boss Beaumont (played by Don Warrington). Forbes's team consisted of Rosalyn Landor (later replaced by Tracy-Louise Ward) and Leslie Ash. Thirty hour-long episodes were produced; the series premiered with a 90-minute introductory story." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)


  • British Television - An Illustrated Guide
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