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Lady Chatterley's Lover

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Movie, 1981, erotic/drama, rated R (age?). France/UK, directed by Just Jaeckin. Written by Christopher Wicking, Just Jaeckin, Marc Behm; based on the novel by D.H. Lawrence. 103 mins (also released as 141 mins.)

Cast: Sylvia Kristel (Constance Chatterley), Shane Briant (Sir Clifford Chatterley), Nicholas Clay (Oliver Mellors), Ann Mitchell (Mrs. Bolton), Elizabeth Spriggs (Lady Eva), Peter Bennett (Butler), Pascale Ridault (Hilda), Anthony Head (Anton), Frank Morey (Priest), Bessie Love (Flora), John Tynan (Roberts), Michael Huston (Footman), Fran Hunter, Ryan Michael, Mark Colleano (Gigolo).

Review: A vapid adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's scorching novel that fizzles into nothingness on the screen. The director and star of the soft-porn classic Emannuelle, Jaeckin and Kristel, combine their debatable talents, with the latter playing the role of Lady Chatterley. Stuck with a husband who's paralyzed from the waist down, the sex-driven Kristel is encouraged to take on a lover. She vents her energies with gamekeeper Clay, and together they display their sexual prowess like peacocks their feathers. The kindest thing to say is that the production is attractive. Also released at 141 minutes. (In English.) Rating: 0. (Movie Guide: Movie Database)

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