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Stage musical, 1987-1989, Prince Edward Theatre. By Benny Anderson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus. Trevor Nunn production.

Cast: (Combines three separate cast lists from Anthony Head's run as Freddie Trumper.) Steve Fortune (Mayor of Merano); Anthony Head (Frederick Trumper); Grainne Renihan (Florence Vassy); John Turner / Kevin Colson (Alexander Molokov); David Burt (Anatoly Sergievsky); Kevin Colson / Eric Flynn (Walter de Courcey); Tome Jobe / Christian Hughes (The Arbiter); Terry Mitchell and Alan Rice (Civil Servants); Glenn Carter (Principal TV Presenter); Ria Jones / Litsa Davies (Svetlana Sergievsky). Company: Yvonne Bachem, Paul Bailey, Shauna Baird, Margaret Bankier, Derek Barnes, Leon Berger, Julia Birch, Mark Bond, Buz Butler, Glenn Carter, Alison Charlton-West, Richard Cuerden, Philip Curtis, Litsa Davies, Anne Dunkley, Penny Dunlop, Robert Fardell, Steve Fortune, Mark Fowler, Deborah Fox, Manda Gilliland, Philip Griffiths, Peter Hickmet, Helen Hobson, Christian Hughes, Adele Lakeland, Andrea Loader, Maddy Loftin, Patrick Long, Philippa Luce, Morag Mackay, Tom Marandola, Kate McArney, Michael McLean, Nicola Meerloo, Terry Mitchell, Anita Pashley, Jane Powell, Alan Rice, Joy Robinson, Brady Rogers, Tom Searle, Stella Segar, Samantha Shaw, Ann Smith, Nicola Studt, Jayne Threadgold, Janice Torrens, Chris Van Cleave, Stephanie Vivaudou, Lorna Washington, Donald Waugh, Donna Winwood.

Other credits: Design: Robin Wagner. Costumes: Theoni V. Aldredge. Lighting: David Hersey. Orchestrations: Anders Eljas. Choreography: Molly Molloy.

Anecdotes: (from web chat, 1998)
-"Ah, it was great, it was phenomenal music and it was great to sing some of those songs. I got it basically because my brother did it, and they asked me when he was leaving they said did I want to do it and I said that I thought it would be a very bad idea, cause it would sort of beg comparison but uhm, like a year, year and a half later they said please, please would you do it and I said yeah, yeah alright. ... I was so surprised that they came back and, and said now will you, will you do it and I went to see it and I saw, I'd seen what he'd done with it and I saw what the guy who took over from him was doing with it and I thought I can, actually there's something else that I can do completely different that nobody else hase done with it uhm, and it worked very well, and I had a great time."

- "I haven't done any practical jokes uhm, here, specifically, I did, I did, uhm, I did do a few, when I was doing Chess I must admit, a couple of, a couple of good good ones. My favorite one in Chess uhm, the first time I tried it, the whole thing was that there were some older cast members that sort of frowned on that sort of stuff so you have to be very sort of subtle about it uhm and I did sit down to the chess game with Toby Burt who was playing the Russian and I'd made this booger out of you know rubber cement, and I just sat there with this thing, and it was about an inch long. The most elaborate one I did, getting right off that one. Uhm, was at the end, on my last night. ... This is on Chess and, my last night and Freddy Trumper does a tv report on camera and I went out and rented uhm, a straight jacket and a nurse's uniform for my dresser and just at the end of my report I ah did the whole thing in the straight jacket and two security guards stood next to me and she injected me and it went out and it was shown, I should explain it was shown, in, when in our production there were huge video banks all around the stage so not only did the cast see it but the entire audience saw Freddy Trumper's demise."


  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery.
  • Chess playbill 1988.


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  • Chess playbill 1988
  • A different edition of a 1988 Chess playbill.
  • Miyu
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • British Theatre Yearbook 1989, edited by David Lemmon.

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