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Television series, 1982-84; 1986; 1988. ASH was in two episodes: Slags and More Bad News.

Series Description: "Premiering with the funny 'Five Go Mad in Dorset' (2/11/82), the Comic Strip gang (generally consisting of Dawn French, Peter Richardson, Jennifer Saunders, Adrian Edmonson, and Rik Mayall) acted-wrote-directed a series of comic absurdities based on film or genre themes. One of their great successes was 'The Strike' (20/2/88; wr. and dir. Peter Ricahrdson and Peter Richens), in which Hollywood mogul Goldie (Robbie Coltraine) casts Al Pacino (played by Richardson) and Meryl Streep (Saunders) as union leader Arthur Scargill and his wife in a movie about the British miners' strike. Michael White was executive producer. The Comic Strip Presents... returned in 1990 as a BBC-2 (1990- ) presentation, produced by Lolli Kimpton and featuring the original line-up as well as enjoying guests performances from such folk as Lenny Henry, Leslie Philips, Nigel Planer, and Alexei Sayle." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)

"Slags" (season 2, episode 7), February 11, 1984. Directed by Sandy Johnson, written by Jennifer Saunders.

Cast: Mark Arden (Hula), Lee Cornes (Arch Crippledick), Steve Dixon (Boy Madness), Adrian Edmondson (Ace), Mark Elliot (Hawaian), Serena Evans (Slammer), Dawn French (Passion), Steve Frost (Bula), Anthony Head (Ricki), Maureen O'Farrell (Warden), Nigel Planer (Marlon), Alice Richardson (Baby), Peter Richardson (Squealer), Jennifer Saunders (Little Sister), Peter Silverleaf (Hawaiian), Dudley Sutton (Marlon's Father), Amanda Symonds (Pearl), Emma Thompson (Young Woman), Faith Tingle (Warden), Vic Armstrong (Stuntman)

Synopsis: "Feared street leaders Passion and Little Sister are released from prison, whereupon they learn that their gang the Slags has disbanded during their incarceration, having been driven out of its territory by rival gang The Hawaiians. Bent on revenge, they reunite the Slags for a rumble with The Hawaiians to reclaim their turf. This grim tale set in a bizarre, apocalyptic world is West Side Story with a gruesome twist." (from episode guide)

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"More Bad News" (season 4, episode 2), February 27. 1988. Directed by Adrian Edmondson, written by Adrian Edmondson. Was also released as 53 mins. theatrical movie.

Cast: Adrian Edmondson (Vim Fuego), Rik Mayall (Colin Grigson), Nigel Planer (Den Dennis), Peter Richardson (Spider Webb), Jennifer Saunders (Sally), Dawn French (Rachel), Judy Hawkins (Spider's Wife), Tommy Vance (Concert Compere), Steve Walsh (Concert Organiser), Anne Cunningham (Colin's Mum), Gerard Kelly (Promo Director), Anthony Head (Recording Studio Engineer), Jonathan Stratt (Heavy), Yusuf Khan (Waiter), Jonathan Caplan (Virgin Megastore Shop Assistant), Gordon Kane (Assistant in Chart Shop), Susy Anne Watkins (Sexy Girl in Promo)

Synopsis: "The sequel to a British TV offering called Bad News, More Bad News might have been titled More "This is Spinal Tap". Like Rob Reiner's hilarious film, this is a spoof rockumentary that chronicles the reunion of Bad News, a heavy metal band whose members haven't played together for four years. In the interim, the band members--Edmondson, Mayall, Planer, and Richardson--have occupied themselves with more mundane occupations. With interviewer Saunders along for the ride, they perform again at the pub where they first made their name, cut a new single ("Warriors of Genghis Khan"), shoot a music-video, and make a disastrous appearance at an outdoor festival." (from The Motion Picture Guide, 1988 Annual)


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