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Television, 1972-84. Granada Television. Episode: ?? (before 1983).

Series Description: "A long-running courtroom-based drama serial which was shown as a series of three-part, half-hour stories (on three consecutive afternoons) presenting a new case each week. The fictitious Fulchester Crown Court was the setting for the often fascinating (and, at times, alarming) cases; heroin smuggling, indecent assault, illegal abortion, unlawful transfer of Official Secrets, murder, arson, and malpractice were among those featured. The series also presented a fine gallery of performers within the individual stories: Barbara Shelley, T.P. McKenna, Caroline Blakiston, Vivien Merchant, Fulton Mackay, Anthony Bate, Michael Elphick, Judy Parfitt, Thorley Walters, Michael Gough, Juliet Stevenson, and Connie Booth." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)


  • British Television - An Illustrated Guide
  • A Patriot for Me (Chichester) playbill 1983

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