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Interview with Anthony Stewart Head, November 2000, by Fred Topel.

As the new season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer progresses, many questions are raised. Who is this new sister? Will Riley overcome his penis envy? How far will we get to see Willow and Tara go on TV? But the one character who doesn't seem to be doing much is Giles.

Daily Radar caught up with Anthony Stewart Head, the actor who portrays Buffy's mentor, Giles. But before we got to the business of the show, we had to clarify some practical matters.

Daily Radar: So, is your name pronounced Heed or like the head on your body?

Anthony Stewart Head: Head. You're the second person who has had a problem with my name in the last week. Somebody on the radio said, "You should call yourself Heed, man. Who would keep a name like Head?"

DR: In the Buffy credits, why does yours say "AND Anthony Stewart Head as Giles?"

ASH: If you don't get the position up front, it's supposed to be the next best thing. If you don't want to go for second billing you have the "AND... AS." Everybody's supposed to know that.

DR: Did you have to fight Sarah Michelle Gellar for billing?

ASH: I have to fight Sarah for everything. No, we have a good time. The bottom line was she's Buffy so she was up front, so my agent at the time got me the AND, and very pleased I was too, except that people don't seem to know about it.

DR: Will there be any new developments this year?

ASH: Are there any new developments in what?

DR: On the show, for your character?

ASH: Yeah, lots.

DR: Will your love interest return?

ASH: The only thing is that she's a normal person, so it's hard to know quite how she fits into the picture other than to be astonished and a little scared. You can only do that so many times, so unless they kill her off -- in which case it would be SO cruel to Giles, it would be despicable and unspeakable -- I don't know. They like her very much, and I like her. It just depends whether the storyline fits.

DR: In the beginning, how did you handle taking Donald Sutherland's role from the movie?

ASH: Not remotely the same. Totally different. I mean, I asked Joss [Whedon, Buffy's creator], "Is it along the same lines?" He said, "No, completely different." So it never came into it. It's funnier too.

DR: They've spun off Angel. Is there any chance of a spinoff for Giles?

ASH: Giles! [Strikes action hero pose] Action librarian! Unlikely, but who knows. Anything can happen. It's Hollywood.

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