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Television movie, 1987, Italy, directed by Vittorio Sindoni. Story by Nicola Badalucco. Produced by Massimo Saraceni. Shot on location in Venezuela and Europe. Released as a 100-minute feature film and as a 4-episode miniseries. Also distributed in English. Other title: La Collina del Diavolo.

Cast: Anthony Head (Michael), Iris Peynado (Siomara), Tony Musante (Daniele), Francisco Rabal (Lewoski), Rossano Brazzi (Mr. Panama), Oscar Colina (El Cacique), David Acosta (Francisco), Mariano Alvarez (Receptionist), Julio Mujica (Malone), Romulo Espinoza (Sailor), Ivan Salomon (Niño), Pedro Nuñez (Blas), Cesar Saffont (Otelo), Tony Padron (Jimenez), Raul Medina (Herman), Enrique Cedeño (Police Officer), Chusmita (Indian Child), Gloria Santaella (Lady at airport), Euridice Arratia (Hostess) Donald Hodson (Rosencrantz).

Plot: "During a London concert, two musicians, El Cacique and Michael Doyle, meet. El Cacique invites Michael to Venezuela. Once he arrives in Caracas, Michael finds a terrible bloodbath in Cacique's villa. Michael is hunted for Cacique's murder. Only with the help of Siomara and Daniele can he survive. The key to the murder lies in Devil's Hill. A merciless struggle over survival begins. What did El Cacique find out about Devil's Hill, and why are all these brutal murders happening?" (translated from German)

Quote: "There was a dreadful film I made for Italian television called Devil's Hill." (1997 interview)


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