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Ghostbusters of East Finchley

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Television, 1995. BBC. Directed by Jim Gillespie. ASH appears briefly as Terry (estranged father of Jackie, the girlfriend) in episodes 5 and 6, at least.

Series Description: "It's a 6x30' drama from 1995 [...]. A young tax investigator indulges his fantasies of big time crime busting, tracking small time tax evaders through the back streets of London. 'Ghostbusting' for the tax office brings him and his almost-girlfriend closer to their dreams." Cast: Paul Reynolds (Kevin), Bill Paterson (Joe Small), Jan Francis (Grace), Jane Cox (Brenda), Catherine Holman (Jackie), Ray Winstone (Thane), Carol MacReady (Elizabeth), Joe Melia (Stan), Sheila Reid (Hilda), Christopher Fulford (Frankie).


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