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Stage musical, 1981. [For the first part, I'm just quoting the information as I found it.]

- "He made his professional debut in the National Tour of Godspell alternating Jesus and John the Baptist. Anthony subsequently played the leading role when the show came back to the West End at the Prince of Wales Theatre." (A Patriot for Me (Chichester) playbill, 1983).
- "Head's first major show business break came quickly with the musical Godspell. He went on the road for a year as understudy for the roles of Jesus, Judas and the Three Clowns. He performed in every Saturday matinee to be able to alternate the parts. It paid off when Godspell was brought for a limited run in London's West End and he ended up starring in the roles of Jesus." (ASH press kit, 1998)
- "He made his stage debut in the national tour of Godspell and he later played the part of Jesus in the Shaftesbury Theatre production." (Chess playbill, 1988).
- Shaftesbury Theatre (Transylvania 1992 Programme).
- Shaftesbury Theatre, directed by Bob Cheeseman. (Anthony Head resume, 1997?)
- Young Vic, directed by Stuart Mungall. (Times and Guardian theatre reviews, 1981).

Cast (Young Vic, June12 to July 11, 1981): Timothy Whitnall (Jesus); Anthony Head (prodigal son's narrator); Trudie Goodwin; Nicola Blackman; Jenny Galloway; Pauline Siddle; Stephen Simmonds; Reginald Tsiboe; Marcia Tucker; Maynard Williams.

Reviews (Young Vic)

  • London Times, 23 June 1981, by Irving Wardle.
    "The names of the company are new to me, but several of them establish strong stage personalities: particularly Anthony Head, who seizes central stage authority as the prodigal son's narrator..." (
    complete text)
  • Manchester Guardian, 23 June 1981, by Michael Billington. (text)


  • Anthony Head resume, 1997
  • Chess playbill 1988
  • A Patriot for Me (Chichester) playbill 1983
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998

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