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Television series, 1993-1998. Canadian/French production? Magnum Opus Productions. Episode: "Nowhere to Run" (season 1, episode 21), May 10, 1993. Directed by Dennis Berry, written by David Abramowitz.

Regular Cast (for 1993 season): Adrian Paul (Duncan McLeod), Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan), Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel).

Nowhere to Run. Guest Cast: Peter Guinness (Colonel Everett Bellian), Anthony Head (Allan Rothwood), Jason Riddington (Mark Rothwood), Marion Cotillard (Lori Bellian). When the stepdaughter of an Immortal is raped, the Immortal comes after the young man. MacLeod, a guest in the home of the accused boy's father, feels he must protect the family from this unstoppable menace. He urges the Immortal to see due process done, but the man has no interest in listening to reason, and he lays siege to the house. (from episode guide)


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    Mark Rothwood (Jason Riddington), Tessa Noel (Alexandra Vandernoot), Allan Rothwood (Anthony Head), Richie Ryan (Stan Kirsch)

    Source: Becky Dorrie