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Television, 1985-1990. BBC. Directed by Sarah Hellings. Episode: ?? Year ?? Played Phil Norton.

Series Description: "Was a glossy drama serial set in the lush countryside of Hampshire and along the River Hamble, the wealthy world of swanky yachts, powerboars, and the marine business. The serial originally moved around Tom Howard (played by Maurice Colbourne), a former aircraft designer who took his career and the family funds into the boatyard industry. Jan Harvey played his wife, Edward Highmore his son, and Tracey Childs was his daugher; Dulcie Gray, Glyn Owen, Susan Gilmore, and Stephen Yardley were among the original cast members. The programme was devisedby Gerard Glaister and Allan Prior." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)


  • Anthony Head resume, 1997
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  • Chess playbill 1988
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998
  • Karen Parks

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