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Television series, comedy/drama, BBC2. Written by Nick Fisher. Produced by Sophie Clarke-Jervoise and Pete Thornton. Directed by David Evans. Series One: February 20-April 3, 2002.

Episode descriptions


Episode One
"A comedy drama series starring Nigel Havers, Anthony Head, Don Warrington and Ray Burdis, Nick Fisher's story revolves around the lives, loves and luxuries of the four 40-something men who have reached an age and a stage where life has become their fat, juicy oyster - and this time round they have the money to enjoy it in style.

"Stockbroker Terry (Nigel Havers) introduces the four characters and explains the blissful existence of a 40-something, wealthy, free gentleman. Clad in biker-leathers, he joyously purchases a flashy motorbike, while art dealer Patrick (Don Warrington) makes £58,000 in a couple of minutes at an art auction. However, the truth is that being a Manchild might not be quite as much fun as it initially appears. Orthodontist James (Anthony Head) is more than a little ashamed when he fails to satisfy a sexually-confident 23-year-old woman. And decking "king" Gary (Ray Burdis) begins to have doubts about his comfortable marriage to Cheryl (Lindsey Coulson)."

Episode Two
"James (Anthony Head) asks for Patrick's (Don Warrington) advice when he decides to invest some of his savings in a collectible painting. However, Patrick is reluctant help, concerned that James would be buying for all the wrong reasons. But stubborn Patrick is swayed when the others persuade him to give his art advice in exchange for a look at the results of James's corrective surgery - designed to solve his problems in the bedroom. Terry (Nigel Havers) meanwhile encounters generation gap issues with his young girlfriend, Sonja (Melanie Gutteridge). And Gary (Ray Burdis) finds that he and his son, Wayne (Jamie Sweeney), have little in common."

Episode Three
"While Terry (Nigel Havers) attempts to seduce Salsa teacher Silvie (Louise Delamere), James (Anthony Head) feels anxious about testing out the results of his surgery. Patrick (Don Warrington) decides to buy a river - just because he can - and Gary (Ray Burdis) becomes infatuated with a lap-dancer."

Episode Four
"At a catwalk fashion show, Terry (Nigel Havers) is depressed to discover that ex-wife Christine's (Christine Kavanagh) new boyfriend is a hot, new fashion designer. And his model girlfriend dumps him for his wayward son, Justin (Will Adamsdale). Patrick (Don Warrington) is meanwhile faced with the tough decision of switching off his mother's life-support machine. And James (Anthony Head) visits his ex-wife, Elizabeth (Frances Barber), seeking reassurance about his manhood."

Episode Five
"Terry (Nigel Havers) pampers himself in preparation for his daughter's wedding and is annoyed that Christine (Christine Kavanagh) is taking her new boyfriend. Things only get worse when he discovers that Justin (Will Adamsdale) will be there with Sonja (Melanie Gutteridge). Meanwhile, a distraught Patrick (Don Warrington) goes missing following his mother's death."

Episode Six
"Patrick (Don Warrington) decides that he needs a wife and family, and - much to the horror of his friends - visits a dating agency. Gary (Ray Burdis) asks Cheryl (Lindsey Coulson) is she wants to try swinging. But when Cheryl agrees, it's Gary who finds that he doesn't have the nerve to go through with it."

Episode Seven
"Exasperated by recent events, the four friends decide to get away from it all on a hunting weekend in the country. Before leaving, James (Anthony Head) sets up a web-cam in his kitchen to monitor and hopefully trap a mouse. Terry (Nigel Havers) and Gary (Ray Burdis) fall out over their different lifestyles. And, down in the country, James and Patrick (Don Warrington) flirt with two female shooting instructors - oblivious to the fact that they are gay."

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