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A Prayer For the Dying

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Movie, 1987, crime, U.K., directed by Mike Hodges. Written by Edmund Ward, Martin Lynch. 104 mins.

Cast: Mickey Rourke (Martin Fallon), Alan Bates (Jack Meehan), Bob Hoskins (Father Da Costa), Sammi Davis (Anna), Christopher Fulford (Billy), Liam Neeson (Liam Docherty), Alison Doody (Siobhan Donovan), Camille Coduri (Jenny), Ian Bartholomew, Mark Lambert, Cliff Burnett, Anthony Head (Rupert), David Lumsden, Leonard Termo


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    Synopsis/Review (from Halliwell's Film Guide): An ex-IRA gunman feels unable to silence a priest witness of a killing, and confesses his sins instead. Convoluted melodrama which kills its chances as a thriller by striving to say something meaningful. Director Mike Hodges disowned the version released.

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