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Movie, 1994, spy thriller. U.S. (Showtime), directed by Rod Holcomb. Written by Paul Bernbaum. 95 mins.

Cast: Jim Belushi (Royce), Peter Boyle, Miguel Ferrer (Ken Gribbon), Chelsea Fields, Michael J. Shannon, Jonathan Gabb, Elizabeth Gann, Paris Jefferson, Anthony Head (Norm Pitlock), Michael Halsey, Chris Fairbank, James Purcell, William Marsh, Ralph Ineson, Pete McNamara, Susan Denaker, James McKenna, Chrissie Reggiero, Marie Theodore, Danny Kash, Jacob Thompson, William Hope, Roy Lewis, James Kidnie, Alan Feinman, Peter Linka, Fon Gabriella, Borbely Laso, Corey Sholnick, Takacsi Gizzella, Richard Rifkin, Abdras Balland, Bubek Istvan, Jaki Bela, Peter Linka.

Synopsis: A CIA agent, Shane Royce, must face the most delicate and dangerous mission of his whole career: he must counteract the terrible plans of a group of CIA ex-agents, leaded by the perfidious Gribbon. Among their plan Gibbon and his comrades want to cause a cold war taking possession of a train with 500 Soviet nuclear heads and sell them to the highets bidder. Royce can rely only on [?] promptness and on his strength of mind to defeat his lethal enemy. (Mystfest '95)


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