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Band. In 1983, Two Way released a 45 single with three songs, produced by Richard Dodd and Ron Roker. Made in Germany; probably distributed in Germany and France.

  • "All Dressed Up," by R. Planer, T. Head, and J. Thomson.
  • "Nole me tangere," by J. Thomson and T. Head.
  • "Face in the Window," by R. Roker, P. Wigger, and J. Pulsford.

    "The record company was interested in the follow-up. So I got the bass player from the previous band, who I was still writing with. And he and I then became this band. Terrible name--Two Way. And we released one of my songs, and one of the old guitarist's. The sales were sufficient in Europe to interest the company in making an album, so our manager went in to talk albums. A huge row ensued over the top of his head betwen the Head of Marketing and the A&R guy, and the record company folded. So we never got the album." Anthony Head in "Talking Head," SFX, October 1999, by Dave Golder and Stephen O'Brien.


  • Karen Topinka

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    record sleeve

    Source: Karen Topinka