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Television series, (1988?) about a boy who turns into a dog. Was in the episode that was released on video in 1993 as "Woof Again! Why Me?" 93 minutes. Directed by David Cobham.

Woof Again: Eric and Rachel meet another werewolf. Edward Fidoe, Sarah Smart, Tich, Tony Head, Brodie, Graham Gadd, John Bowler, Elizabeth Mickery, Liza Goddard, Sam Holland, Natalie Fores, Mary Kenton, Eric Ball, John Ringham, Andrew Dunn, Graham Cull, Renny Krupinski, James Ellis.


  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery: Woof


  • "Eerie, Indiana" Movies; or "Tom Sawyer meets the Twilight Zone"
  • British Board of Film Classification

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