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Stage play by Martin Sherman.

June 25, 1989: single-performance charity production to benefit the Stonewall Group (gay rights activists). Adelphi Theatre, London, directed by Sean Mathias.

Cast (partial): Ian McKellen (Max), Michael Cashman (Horst), Michael Aldridge, Ian Charleson, Ralph Fiennes (camp guard), Richard E. Grant (camp guard), Alex Jennings, Alexis Denisof.

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  • Plays and Players, "Badge of Pride. Ian McKellen talks to Vera Lustig about the revival of Bent at the National, and about gay awareness." February 1990, by Vera Lustig. (text)

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  • Ian McKellen. Stage: Bent (1989).

    Other Sources

  • Tovarich programme book, Denisof bio.
  • Independent, "If the SS cap fits. Why are British actors always being asked to play Nazis?" September 27, 1996, by Jasper Rees. (text)
  • Ian McKellen, official website. "Stage: Bent (1989)." http://www.mckellen.com/stage/00234.htm

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