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Stage play by Jacques Deval (English version by Anthony Wood). Chichester Festival Theatre, 17 July 1991 to September 27 (October 5?) ; Picadilly Theatre, October 29 to 4 December 1991. Directed by Patrick Garland.

Chichester Cast: Natalia Makarova (Grand Duchess Tatiana Makarova), Robert Powell (Prince Mikhail Alexandrovich Ouratief), Terence Conoley (Count Feodor Brekenski), Howard Southern (Monsieur.Chauffoirier-Dubieff), Joseph Alessi (Martelleau), Rowland Davies (Monsieur Charles Arbeziat), Sarah Badel (Madame Fernande Arbeziat), Andree Evans (Louise), Tony Britton (Comrade Dimitri Gorotchenko), Alexis Denisof (George Arbeziat), Debra Beaumont (Helen Arbeziat), Theresa Fresson (Flower Girl), Fleur Chandler (Lady Kerrigan), Gabrielle Hamilton (Madame Chauffourier-Dubieff).

Other Credits: Decor: Peter Rice; Lighting: Bill Bray; Choreography: Lindsay Dolan; Sound: Tom Lishman; Fights: Terry King; Assistant Director: Astrid Hilne (no assistant director listed by Picadilly).

Picadilly Cast: Same as Chichester, except for George Murcell (Comrade Dimitri Gorotchenko) and Frances Cuka (Madame Fernande Arbeziat).

Chichester Reviews

  • Times, "Sentimentality showing its age." July 26, 1991, by Benedict Nightingale. (text)
  • Daily Mail, July 26, 1991, by Jack Tinker. (text)
  • Daily Express, July 26, 1991, by Maureen Paton. (text)
  • Financial Times, "Vodka in a French pantry." July 27, 1991, by Andrew St. George. (text).
  • The Independent, "Polite Russians; Paul Taylor on Makarova in Tovarich at Chichester." July 27, 1991, by Paul Taylor. (text)
  • Guardian, July 27, 1991, by Michael Billington. (text)
  • Sunday Times, "Power play and words that hurt." July 28, 1991, by Robert Hewison. (text).
  • Sunday Express, July 28, 1991, by Clive Hirshhorn. (text)
  • Daily Telegraph, July 28, 1991, by Charles Spencer. (text)
  • Mail on Sunday, July 28, 1991, by Kenneth Hurren. (text)
  • Independent on Sunday, July 28, 1991, by Robert Cushman. (text)
  • Jewish Chronicle, August 2, 1991, by David Sonin. (text)
  • Sunday Telegraph, August 4,1991, by John Gross. (text)
  • International Herald Tribune, "The British Stage: 'Tovarich,' Rubles-to-Rags Comedy." August 7, 1991, by Sheridan Morley. (text)
  • Manchester Guardian Weekly, "A lot of tosh, Tovarich." August 11, 1991, by Michael Billington. (text)

    Picadilly Reviews

  • Financial Times, "Tovarich; Piccadilly Theatre." October 31 1991, by Alastair Macaulay. (text)
  • Evening Standard, November 6, 1991, by Milton Shulman. (text)

  • The Times, "Tovarich." November 6, 1991, by Jeremy Kingston.
    "Alexis Denisof, their son, neatly captures the Thirties' arrogance of a callow young chap." (complete text)

  • Daily Mail, November 8, 1991, by Douglas Slater. (text)
  • What's On, November 13, 1991, by Roger Foss. (text)
  • Time Out, November 13, 1991, by Rick Jones. (text)
  • City Limits November 14, 1991, by Antonia Denford. (text)


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    Debra Beaumont, Alexis Denisof
    Debra Beaumont and Alexis Denisof

    Source: Edward Robinson

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