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Stage play by William Shakespeare. Royal Shakespeare Company production. Directed by Ron Daniels.

  • 1988, September 20-, as part of the RSC/Nat West Tour, Wimbledon.
  • 1989, April 24-, at the Royal Shakespeare, Stratford.
  • 1989, November 23- , at the Barbican.
  • 1991, November to January 12, 1992, at the Loeb Drama Center, Boston. American Repertory Theater and Pittsburgh Public Theater co-production.


    Cast: William Oxborrow (Francisco; Violinist; Second Gravedigger), Ben Miles (Bernardo; A Priest), Neil Richardson (Marcellus), Jack Ellis (Horatio), Russell Enoch (The Ghost; First Player), Peter Wight (Claudius), Clare Higgins (Gertrude), Mark Rylance (Hamlet), Mark Brignal (Valtemand), Peter Carr (Cornelius), Patrick Godfrey (Polonius), John Ramm (Laertes), Rebecca Saire (Ophelia), Andrew Havill (Reynaldo), Andrew Bridgmont (Rosencrantz), Patrick Brennan (Guildenstern), Katherine Stark (Second Player), Roger Tebb (Third Player), Jared Harris (Fortinbras), Hilary Tones (Lady), Michael Howell (Sailor), Jimmy Gardner (First Gravedigger), Paul Lacoux (Osric).

    Other Credits: Designed by Anthony McDonald. Lighting by Thomas Webster. Music by Claire Van Kampen. Choreography by Sioban Davies. Musical Director, Michael Tubbs. Sound by John A. Leonard. Fight Director, Alexis Denisof. Assistant director, Matthew Richardson.


    Cast and Other Credits: Same as Stratford, except: Patrick Brennan (Guildenstern; Marcellus). Musical Director, Peter Washtell.


    Cast: Mark Rylance (Hamlet), Christine Estabrook (Gertrude), Stephanie Roth (Ophelia), Alvin Epstein (Polonius), Derek Smith (Laertes), Jeremy Geidt (First Gravedigger; Voltemand), Thomas Derrah (Rosencrantz), Michael Rudkoe (Guildenstern), Mark Metcalf (Claudius) Steven Skybell (Horatio), Miguel Perez (The Ghost, First Player), Candy Buckley, Jon David Weigand.

    Other Credits: Set and costumes, Antony McDonald. Lighting, Frances Aronson. Music, Claire van Kampen. Sound, Maribeth Beck. Fight choreography, Alexis Denisof.


  • Plays and Players, June 1989, by Rod Dungate.
    "Finally, the last scene, with its dangerously large number of deaths, is beautifully staged. There is a superb and tense fight (Director Alexis Denisov [sic]) which finally spins out of control. Gertrude's death happens almost incidentally, the court far too busy escaping Laertes' and Hamlet's foils to notice." (
    complete text)

  • Cahiers Elisabethains, October 1989, by Luc Borot.
    "The duel scene was extremely efficient and its rhythm was perfectly kept by all the performers. Dressed in turn-of-the-century fencing outfits, Laertes and Hamlet follow very deliberate and acrobatic duelling figures, akin to the old Erroll Flynn tradition of Robin Hood fencing." (complete text)

  • Boston Globe, November 29, 1991, by Kevin Kelly.
    "And there is, at the end, some really spectacular swordplay, blades cuttingblood out of the air as Hamlet and Laertes slash their way to 'silence.'" (complete text)

    More Reviews

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  • Punch, December 8, 1989, by Rhoda Koenig.

    Other Sources

  • Tovarich programme book, Denisof bio.

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