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A Tale of Two Cities

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Stage play by Matthew Francis, adapted from Charles Dickens' book. Greenwich Theatre, 19 December 1994 to 4 February 1995. Directed by Matthew Francis.

Cast: Bernard Lloyd (Mr. Jarvis Lorry; Judge), Susan Porrett (Miss Pross; 1st Spectator; 2nd Aristocrat), Eleanor Tremain (Lucie Manette; Seamstress), Julian Forsythe (Dr. Manette; 1st Aristocrat), Mark Saban (St. Evremonde; Mr.John Barsad; Revolutionary; Public Prosecutor; President of the Tribunal), Alexis Denisof (Evremonde; Charles Darnay; Soldier), Benedict Sandiford (Peasant Boy; Crown Witness; Revolutionary Judge; Chemist), Heather Tobias (Madame Defarge; 2nd Spectator; Peasant Woman), Ian Mitchell (Defarge; Mr. Stryver), Timothy Walker (Sydney Carton; 3rd Aristocrat), Charles Dale (Gaspard; Gabelle; the Governor of the Bastille; Prosecutor).

Other credits: Decor: Julian McGowan; Lighting: Geraint Pughe; Sound: Steve Huttly, John Leonard; Fights: Malcolm Ranson.


  • The Times, "In good hands from the start." December 21, 1994, by Benedict Nightingale.
    "Did the old romantic [Dickens] invent a more outrageously decent felow for her to marry than Charles Darnay? Alexis Denisof, too, sets the teeth only slightly on edge." (
    complete text)

  • Financial Times, "Revolution to redemption - Sarah Hemming admires a stage adaptation of "A Tale of Two Cities." December 24, 1994, by Sarah Hemming.
    "Alexis Denisoff [sic] as Charles Darnay has little to go on, and makes very little of what he has (in the prison cell you would never believe he was a condemned man)..." (complete text)

  • Evening Standard, "A romp amid the terror." December 28, 1994, by Nick Curtis.
    "Alexis Denisof is too simperingly insipid even for the sappily noble Darnay..." (complete text)

  • Independent on Sunday, January 1, 1995, by Irving Wardle. (text)

  • Daily Telegraph, "Monty Python's reign of terror." January 4, 1995, by Robert Gore-Langton.
    "The trials lack tension, but smaller incidents strike home, such as the injustice inflicted on the proles by the cruel Marquis and his brother (played with coiffured viciousness by Mark Saban and Alexis Denisof, the latter doubling up as Charles Darnay). When their stagecoach runs down a small child it does indeed strike a genuine note of horror." (complete text)

  • The Guardian, "New life for the cities." January 4, 1995, by Claire Armistead.
    "[Sydney Carton's] almost tangible increase in stature makes Alexis Denisof's conventionally handsome Charles fade into insipidness and reflects an increasing radiance on Eleanor Tremain's lovely Lucie." (complete text)

  • The Observer, "Theatre homesickness and home truths." January 8, 1995, by Kate Kellaway.
    "Charles Darnay (Alexis Denisof) sounds and even looks unnervingly like a younger version of Tony Blair, full of noble ideas but never quite as interesting as you would wish him." (complete text)

  • Plays and Players, "A Tale of Two Cities." February 1995, by Pat Peryer.
    "Talking of heads, there are some very peculiar wigs in evidence, especially on the heads of St. Evremonde and his brother! At least the heads of Charles Darnay (Alexis Denishof [sic]) and Sydney Carton (Timothy Carter) are enough alike to bring the story to it's [sic] happy and heroic conclusion - even if they are not enough alike to persuade Lucie to fall for Sydney." (complete text)

    Other Sources

  • Theatre Record, 3-31 December 1994.

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