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Love in a Cold Climate

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Television eight-part mini-series based on Nancy Mitford's books, The Pursuit of Love (1945) and Love in a Cold Climate (1949). Thames Television, 1980. Directed by Donald McQuinney. Written by Simon Raven. Aired in the U.S. between March 28 and May 16, 1982.

Cast: Lucy Gutteridge (Linda Radlett); Isabelle Amyes (Fanny Logan); Selena Carey-Jones (Louisa Radlett); John Moffatt (Lord Merlin); Michael Aldridge (Lord Alconleigh Radlett [Uncle Matthew]); Tamzin Neville (Linda, as a girl); Kate Valentine (Fanny, as a girl); Judi Dench (Lady Alconleigh [Aunt Sadie]); Michael Williams (Capt. Davey Warbeck); Anthony Head (Tony Kroesig); Michael Lees (Lord William); Diana Fairfax (Emily); Yolande Palfrey (Jassy); Rebecca Saire (Victoria); Rosalyn Landor (Polly Montdore); Jean-Pierre Cassel (Fabrice); Vivian Pickles (Lady Montdore); Job Stewart (Boy Dougdale); Tiggy Foster (Jassy, as a girl); Michael Cochrane (Cedric); Richard Hurndall (Montdore); Ralph Lawford (Christian); Sheila Brenna (The Bolter); Pamela Pritchford (Mrs.Hunt); Christopher Scoular (Alfred); Richard Beale (John); Simon Lack (Doctor); Anthony Higgins (Juan).

Description: "Eight-part miniseries set in England, that satirizes the last golden age of British aristocracy, from 1924 to 1941, as seen through the experience of Linda Radlett, a member of a family who are last remnants of a high society that is slowly dying out." (Encyclopaedia of Television)

Episode Title (and U.S. airing dates): Child Hunt (March 28, 1982); Coming Out (April 4); Rings and Things (April 11); The Merry Widower (April 18); Heir Apparent (April 25); Foreigners Are Fiends (May 2); Monsieur Le Duc (May 9); In Love and War (May 16,1982).

Reviews and Articles

  • The Times, October 30, 1980, by Michael Ratcliffe. (text)
  • The Times, "Adaptation with real qualities." November 27, 1980, by Joan Bakewell. (text)
  • The Sunday Times, November 30, 1980, by Russell Davies. (text)
  • Times Literary Supplement, "Packing it in." December 12, 1980, by Thomas Blaikie. (text)


  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery.


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  • Television Drama Series Programming 1980-1982.
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme

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    Tony Kroesig (Anthony Head)

    Linda and Tony dining

    Linda and Tony dancing


    Tony, ?, Linda, ? Fanny Logan (Isabelle Amyes), ?, at the college party

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    Source: Karen Jephson