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  • July, San Diego Comicon '00.
  • 1999, August 15, San Diego Comicon '99.
  • 1998, August 15, San Diego Comicon '98.

    San Diego Comicon, August 15, 1999.

    There were pictures and a report at the Moore Action Collectibles website, You can find the 1999 pictures here.

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    San Diego Comic Con, August 15, 1998.

    Review - Photos - Transcript

    Guests: Anthony Stewart Head (Giles), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), David Boreanaz (Angel), Seth Green (Oz), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia), Alyson Hannigan (Willow), and Joss Whedon.


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  • Katherine Lawrence.

    Transcript (by Sandy Van Densen):
    The following is a transcript of the 4:30 p.m. panel on August 15, 1998 with Buffy the Vampire Slayer guests Anthony Stewart Head (Giles), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), David Boreanaz (Angel), Seth Green (Oz), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia), Alyson Hannigan (Willow), and creator Joss Whedon. Without a doubt this was the funniest and fastest paced panel at the entire con. I still maintain that Nicholas Brendon is a young and aspiring Bruce Campbell... we have got to get those two on screen together.

    Please note this was taken via notes, not a recording, so things are paraphrased between Sandy's brain and her stenography skills (or lack thereof). I guarantee all the info is accurate, even if it's not quoted every word for little word. We'll start off with the actors' full names and move to acronyms from there.

    Question: What other projects are you working on nowadays?

    Seth Green: I just did Enemy of the State and Can't Hardly Wait.

    Alyson Hannigan: I had a small part in Dead Man on Campus.

    Joss Whedon: I've been working on my fingerpainting.

    Nicholas Brendon: Anthony over there has been exploring adult films


    Question: What is your favorite episode?

    AH: I really liked the robot episode with John Ritter.

    David Boreanaz: I liked the Valentine's Day episode [applause].

    NB: Angel.

    SG: Innocence was one of my favorites.

    Charisma Carpenter: Any of the holiday theme ones... the Halloween and Valentine's Day episodes.

    NB: And let's not forget that Very Special Christmas episode [laughter].

    Anthony Stewart Head: Either Passion or Ted (informs AH that's the name of the John Ritter episode).

    Question: Joss, what do you think about the tiny men at the center of the Earth and will you do an episode about them?

    ASH: [snorts and laughs]

    JW: Uhh... no. Next question.

    Question: Principal Snyder and Bob keep talking about the Mayor and others, and it's obviously something going on there. Will that be a major plot point next season?

    JW: They will be a plot point next season, and you will get to meet the Mayor of Sunnydale.

    NB: Haven't you heard? That's the new spinoff series -- Meet the Mayor starring David Boreanaz.

    [David and Seth Green began snuggling and joking around at this point to the delight of fans]

    Question: David, what about your character being in hell and how do you feel about that?

    DB: Yep I'm in hell...and a woman put me there. [laughter] It's not a lot of fun.

    Question: Will the Xander and Cordelia relationship get deeper this season? [catcalls and hoots]

    NB: Whoa... maybe with some booze perhaps!

    JW: Yes, it will.

    Question: What's the new series about?

    JW: It will be about someone who returns from hell and that's all I'm telling you.

    Question: Joss, I heard you're working on the Alien 5 script.

    JW: [laughter] Did you see Alien 4? [more laughter] No, there is no Alien 5 script.

    Question: How does a band get music to you to try out for your show? Cause I have a tape here...

    JW: Well hand it over guy! [to the delight of the audience, Joss took the tape personally and promised to listen to it on the drive home]

    Question: Can any of the cast members tell us an embarassing moment while filming?

    NB: Well I got pantsed in the first season... in front of everyone. I'm still in counseling for that.

    CC: I had to sing in front of everyone. At least no one laughed.

    SG: We had just gotten new trailers... I went to mine and was loving it! It was awesome. Then David walks in... ends up it was his trailer. At least he let me stay and we played Sony Playstation. Oops.

    Question: Will Angel be coming back to the Buffy series?

    DB: Yes, but not right away.

    Question: Seth, does the obssession fans have for you affect your performance at all?

    SG: Err it does now! [laughter] No seriously, we really appreciate all the support and affection we get from people. It's what makes us and the show.

    Question: Can you please tell us about the new Angel show?

    DB: Sure... it'll be a musical featuring the Sheriff of a wacky town. [laughter]

    Question: Will there be any cast additions this coming season?

    JW: Seth Green is now part of the regular cast [applause]. There will be some new villains (they won't be regular cast additions).

    Question: What kind of creative inputs do you actors have into the show?

    NB: Oh lots... [he's laughing]. Actually we don't need to have any because Joss here is a creative genius.

    Question: If you could create the directions for the coming season, what would you do?

    NB: I don't wanna go to hell.

    ASH: Green would be the color scheme for the new season in honor of Seth.

    Question: What is the Cruise Records connection to the series? Those stickers are all over the place.

    AH: Actually they're just a bunch of stickers someone sent to the Art Department. If it's free we'll use it. They had them laying around, so they went up.

    Question: Hulk or Thor?

    DB: Hulk.

    AH: Hulk.

    NB: Thor.

    Question: When are we going to see more of the werewolf?

    SG: I dunno.

    JW: You will this season... there won't be a lycanthropy cure anytime soon.

    Question: Wasn't Drusilla a gypsy? Was she related to Miss Calendar?

    JW: No, you're confusing her with the gypsy curse which is unrelated. Dru was a poor coal miner's daughter from London.

    Question: Seth, can you tell us about the Austin Powers sequel and what Mike Meyers is like?

    SG: I read the first draft of the script, which was a riot! It's up to the third draft now, which I haven't seen yet. Nothing firm if I'm in that draft or not. As for Mike, in real life he is a little over 8 feet tall and weighs 87 pounds. You can't stand next to him, or he gets really scared.

    Question: Will we be seeing more of Willow and Oz this season?

    SG: Yep, we've both signed the Bochco rear nudity clauses of our contracts and hopefully it won't just be for Joss' private video collection [laughter].

    Question: How far ahead to plot your story arcs for the series?

    JW: About a half to a full season in advance... then the chips fall where they may. And no, I will tell you nothing...

    Question: Any word on a series music CD?

    JW: No, no plans for a CD as of yet. Though we're very pleased our music composer got an Emmy nomination [applause].

    Question: How did all of you get your start in acting?

    NB: The Barbizon School of Modeling.

    DB: I kind of fell into it... my dad is a weatherman in Philadelphia and I got into it early. The King and I was a big inspiration when I was little.

    SG: I was 7 years old... my uncle knew someone who knew someone who cast me in a commercial and I kinda went from there.

    CC: I moved to LA and was a waitress -- yeah boring, I know. A customer introduced me to my manager who just really sucked... but through him I met my commercial agent which is what really got me started. After commercials I just kinda went from there.

    AH: When I was a baby my folks were professional photographers -- whenever they needed a baby for a shoot, they used me. When I was a bit older I wanted to do commercials and they let me go for it. We moved to LA from Georgia when I was 11 and I've been at it ever since.

    NB: I had damaging information on Joss Whedon... he told me to shut up and the Xander part was mine.

    ASH: When I was 6 years old I was in a play... the applause, the cheering, I just loved it and got the bug. Since I was hopeless at sports in later years, acting seemed the only way to excel at extracurricular school activities. Later on I attended drama school.

    [During all this, David and Seth were horsing around and David attempted to take Seth's shirt off for the audience. The two ended up falling off the stage, laughing their asses off.]

    Question: Joss, how big is your research team for the series?

    JW: [nearly falls off his chair laughing] Errr... I make it all up. I'm kinda lazy... I mean I like the history to be accurate which just takes a few minutes of research. But the mythology -- I just toss horns on something and make up a past.

    Question: Joss, are you married?

    JW: [looks a teeny bit embarassed]

    NB: Yes he is married to a very lovely lady.

    Question: Alyson, what is your favorite part of playing Willow, and do you know what is in store for her?

    AH: She's a lot of fun to play, I really love her... I get to be weird, fun and fuzzy. It's like how high school would have been for me if I wasn't depressed during it. As for this season, I dunno... more stuff with Oz.

    Question: Do any of you get nervous filming?

    NB: Only when I don't know my lines and Joss walks onto the set.

    Question: Why kill off the other Slayer who was such a great minority role model?

    JW: There can be only one [a few Highlander jokes drifted around at this point]. I also wanted to make way for an Asian Slayer. No seriously... because I really liked her. Since she was so well liked I knew her death would upset people, despite the fact she was such a good role model.

    Question: Xander is much funnier this season, was that your idea?

    NB: Wow... the only thing I ever added to Xander was the dance style early on this year. The rest is dialogue and delivery. You mean I wasn't funny last season? [laughter]

    Question: Have any of you seen the original movie?

    SG: Actually I was in it as an extra but was edited out... I keep telling Joss that after he was hired and he still doesn't believe me.

    AH: Sarah Michele loaned me her copy but I haven't gotten to watch it yet.

    ASH: My agent had me watch it when I won this role and after I had read the first few series scripts. The movie was great, but frankly I don't see how the two relate at all. The series is Joss' dream for these characters and this place.

    CC: I think the WB deserves a round of applause for taking a chance and letting Joss do this creation the way he really has wanted to. [Applause]

    Question: Why did Sky One in England cancel BtVS for the second season?

    SG: To make more room for Coronation Street?

    NB: Yeah c'mon... this is England we're talking about here. That comment was for Tony by the way.

    ASH: [looks quite offended] I have to check into that... of course this is Sky One we're talking about... I can't believe it. I do know that Blockbuster is getting the series videos soon here, so it will be rentable. I'll check into this.

    CC: That reminds me... I had a dream that we were all in Southern France. We should do a convention tour in Europe. It was a fun dream!

    DB: I'm in hell and you want to go to France?

    [Ok forgive me here but I want to make a comment on the above subject. I could SWEAR that Anthony Stewart Head is American. I've read repeatedly he is a born and raised American, but he does a killer English accent. That was one of the oddities of the Taster's Choice commercials... they had an American playing the Brit and a British actress playing an American. I've also seen him on guest spots of series such as Highlander The Series as an American with no accent. So.... here's a good topic for debate: is the guy a Brit who does a terrific American accent on demand, or an American who does a terrific British accent on demand? The panel acted as if he were a native Brit. I'm curious now.]

    Question: How did you get the idea for the series?

    JW: I went to high school.

    Question: Does Sarah Michelle Gellar have a boyfriend?

    NB: She has a dog.

    Question: David, can I get your age and are you married?

    DB: I am married to a lovely Irish woman named Ingrid... and I'm 16 years old.

    [At this point a young teenage fan asked for a hug from David and got it... very emotional moment for the young lady]

    Question: Are you proud to make the WB an actual cool station?

    DB: Yeah... except for that lame frog they have.

    Question: Charisma, were the worms really all over you in that episode?

    CC: Ewwww no way!

    Question: Seth, how tall are you?

    SG: 5'4 and darn proud of it!

    Question: Charisma, I understand you trained here in San Diego [wild applause -- lotta locals here]?

    CC: Yes, I attended Bonita High School and went to the school of Performing Arts in Chula Vista.

    Question: Who is the most like their character in real life?

    AH: Charisma is nothing like Cordelia...

    CC: No! I'm leaving!

    Question: Can the Star of David hold back a vampire like the cross?

    NB: No, but it can convert him.

    Question: When we will see Anthony Stewart Head in drag?

    CC: You mean you didn't catch The Rocky Horror Show onstage in England?

    Question: Have any of you besides Seth and Alyson ever done any movies?

    NB: No not really... though I was an extra in Children of the Corn 3. Blink and you'll miss it.

    DB: My hands were in Best of the Best.

    Question: Will there be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie based on the series?

    JW: There are no plans yet, but I realllllllllllly want to sometime.

    Question: Charisma, are you single? [this was asked by a VERY young male fan]

    CC: Single? For you baby, I dunno.

    NB: You know, that's a felony there, CC.

    CC: I was thinking ice cream!

    NB: Oh yeah... we all scream...

    Question: Will there be a love interest for Giles next season?

    ASH: No, I think he's rather doomed to be a sad, lonely and pathetic fool at this point, but who knows.


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