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Exclusive Interview: Anthony Head, October 2000, Issue #96.

Lee's: How long have you been acting? Were you formally trained?

Anthony: I've been acting longer than some people who watch the show have been alive [laughs]. I've been acting for over twenty-five years. I went to a drama school called LAMDA, the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, for about 2-1/2 years. Then I came here. Now I do acting classes here, under Milton Katzelas, which are fantastic.

Lee's: Sounds like you recommend continuing study, even for experienced actors such as yourself, and that you're having good success with those classes in particular?

Anthony: Yes I do--I seriously recommend it. English actors that come to the US tend to think that if you've been trained there, then you've been trained. But, I heartily recommend learning with a great teacher here, and he's a great teacher.

Lee's: What are some of the other roles you've had? We know you broke a lot of hearts in that series of Gold Blend coffee commercials a number of years back.

Anthony: That was a cool break--it got me here. When I got here I did a show called VR.5, which was very cool but a little obscure. The producers kind of had a thing for The Avengers and The Prisoner, and wanted it to be as obscure and convoluted as The Prisoner. I think they actually got close to it, but [laughs], I think was just too much for the American public, especially since we kept getting dropped for hockey games. So, without a sort of reminder of what went on the week before, no one had an idea of what was going on.

I've also done a Showtime movie with Jim Belushi, called Royce, a lot of theater in England, a lot of TV shows; a number of musicals. I was Frank N. Further in the London revival of The Rocky Horror Picture Show--that was a few years back. They keep asking me if I want to do it again. I reprised the role once. Actually, I've had a very varied career. I have to say that, by far, it's been fantastic. I look forward to much more variation--much more variety.

Lee's: Speaking of "variety," saw and heard you singing at the "Espresso Pump." Are they going to be seeing more of that? Will we be seeing an Anthony Stewart Head album?

Anthony: [Laughs.] I have been approached by a record company, to do some work with somebody who has contributed to the show. I don't know--we have to look at that.I live in fear of being one of those actors who suddenly, in the middle of their career, turns up as a rock and roll singer, and fulfills a dream, and then it'll be like "Oh my God, he shouldn't have done that!"

At the same time, I love singing. So, when people ask me if I'll sing, I go "Yeah, oh yeah." So, if there's a way of doing it with cool, then yeah, I might do it. Maybe I'll just contribute to somebody's album--maybe two or three song--without it being an Anthony Head album [laughs]. But you know how it is, people end up doing this sort of thing and getting careers in Germany and what not.

Lee's: We can hear the commercials on TV already, "Anthony Head, he's sold millions of albums in Europe..."

Anthony: Yeah, exactly... But I love singing. I don't know if I'll be doing it on the show again. That whole bit was part of Giles' mid-life crisis. If guess if Giles finds a place for himself, maybe then there'd be a need, I don't know. It certainly seemed to go down well. Joss [Whedon] always threatens a "musical episode," to which I always say, "Yay, go on!"--but some of the other members of the cast aren't so keen on that idea [laughs].

Lee's: How do you think the Giles character will progress in Season 5?

Anthony: I don't know. Joss does what comes naturally. He's the one that knows what's in store for us. He seemed to know a long time ago. We've talked about things, and I pitched him an idea, and he kind of went "Ah...well, yeah...actually you're not going to be doing that, you'll be doing this." I do think people will like the way it's going.

Lee's: When we talked to Seth Green, he seemed to really, really trust Joss and his vision when it comes to the way things have to go with the show...

Anthony: Oh my god, yes. Joss really is the man. He has a wonderful empathy with the actors and with the characters he writes. There was actually one actor who was a little nervous about where his character was going, and sure enough it turned out great. He [Joss] writes stuff that fulfills your character, and gives you stuff to work with. It's a most astonishing show to be on, in that respect, it really is.

Lee's: Speaking of "astonishing," what are your thoughts on being an action figure?

Anthony: I'm agog. I'm so chuffed. Clay has been talking about it for a while, and it's fantastic. It really is. It's a very cool figure--absolutely excellent. Actually, they're working on a removable head, one with glasses.

Lee's: Really?

Anthony: Oh yeah, he's got got to have glasses. We talked about the idea of removable glasses, but we couldn't make them small enough. So, what better than to have a removable head? [Laughing]

Lee's: Like, if you were having a bad hair day--you could just switch heads.

Anthony: Exactly! Oh, and I get a chainsaw.

Lee's: You seemed pretty excited when you saw the figure for the first time--how do you think you'll react to seeing it in the stores for the first time?

Anthony: Oh, I know man. And that will be the icing on the cake, when I actually see it out on a shelf. Now, I have seen one before--I have an action figure of Giles before.

Lee's: What a customized figure? Was it made by a fan?

Anthony: It was made by Seth [Green]. It was fantastic. He made us all action figures, with pictures of us and stuff--he's a good little sculptor, he really is. He built the boxes and everything, and scanned in stuff from the web-site, and they were absolutely fantastic, and very funny. My action weapons were a teapot and a passport [laughing]. It really was excellent.

Lee's: Awesome. Thank you very much. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us for a while. Good luck with the show.

Anthony: Thank you.

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