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Loaded, magazine, U.K.

February 2001, sidebar to an Emma Caulfield article.

Anthony Stewart Head - Buffy's frightfully English mentor, Giles.

Anthony Stewart Head is The Watcher. His role, as stammering Englishman Giles, involves looking after the rebellious Buffy. "I teach her, train her and make sure she's doing her job," he explains. "The Watcher does have a dark side, though. He was a rebel in his teens, went on to dabble in black magic and ended up killing somebody." But there are much worse things in Anthony's own past. Black magic and murder are one thing, but playing the lead in the will-they-won't-they Gold Blend ads that plagued the nation in the early 90s should be punishable by death. They told the story of two neighbours who fell in love over their shared love of instant coffee.

Did he flee to America to escape the shame?

"Well," he laughs, "the ads made my TV career kind of go into hibernation in England - I just couldn't shake off the Gold Blend image. People said I was too high-profile, but here high-profile is a good thing. So it was a good move."

And do you drink Gold Blend, or is the punch of a good US cup of Joe just too hard to resist?

"I'm a cappuccino fan now. But my first drink of the day is still a cup of tea."

I bet he still pines over that lady with the thin blonde hair piled on the top of her head like instant cream on a boozy trifle, though. Or have the skeptics stolen his heart? If he had to marry one girl, who would it be? Buffy, the coffee bird or our cover girl Anya?

"Anya? Good grief. Anya is barking mad. Buffy's a little young for me .. I wonder. I suppose it would be the girl from the coffee ad."

Aaaaah, sweet.

"Well, you know, you needed to give me a few more choices!"

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