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A Patriot For Me

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Stage play, by John Osborne. Performed 1983 at the Chichester Festival Theatre. The production moved to Los Angeles (Amhanson Theater) October 1984. Directed by Ronald Eyre.

Cast (Chichester): Alan Bates (Alfred Redl); David Yelland (August Siczynski); Matthew Francis (Steinbauer); Nicholas Gecks (Ludwig Max Von Kupfer); Roger Martin, Anthony Head (Kupfer's Seconds); David King (Lt. Col. Ludwig Von Möhl); Jason Carter (Adjutant); Gregory Floy (Maximilian Von Taussig); Robert Meadmore (Albrecht); Alexandra Bastedo, Tricia Morrish, Eunice Roberts (Whores); Di Langford (Anna); Lucy Fleming (Hilde); Ronnie Stevens (Captain Stanitsin); George Murcell (Colonel Oblensky); Harry Andrews (General Von Hotzendorf); Sheila Gish(Countess Sophia Delyanoff); Neil Stacy (Judge Advocate Jaroslav Kunz); Richard Freeman (Young Man in Cafe); Jason Carter (Paul); Nigel Stock (Baron Von Epp); Jo Webster (Ferdy); Michael G. Jones (Figaro); Anthony Head (Lt. Stefan Kovacs); David Yelland(Marie-Antoinette); Richard Freeman (Tsarina); Stephen Bone (Lady Godiva); Andrew Hawkins (Dr. Schoepfer); Joe Searby (2nd Lt. Victor Jerzabek); Roger Martin (Orderly); Jason Carter (Mischa Lipschutz); Eunice Roberts (Mitzi Heigel); Frank Shelley (Minister); Michael Anthony, Roger Martin, Matthew Francis, David Yelland, Anthony Head, Robert Meadmore, Michael G. Jones (Deputies); The Company (Ball Guests, Citizens); Maynard Farrell, Steven Dykes, Sebastian Hausmann, Simon Firth, Chris Oldham, Chris Mortimer, Tim Wright, Danny Waltens (Soldiers, Waiters, Flunkeys).

Cast (Los Angeles): Alan Bates, George Rose, George Murcell, June Ritchie, David King, Harry Andrews, Angela Down, David Yelland, Christopher Neame, Bruce French, Charles Shaughnessy, Jo Webster, Christopher Murray, Timothy Shelton, Nameer Kadi, Paul Carleton, Ian Price, Anthony Head, Robert Meadmore, Nicholas Gecks, Douglas Blair, Jack Blessing, Gillian Eaton, Rick Giesie, Gary Imhoff, John Napierala, Gregory Niebel, Terrence O'Connor, James Rich, David Sage, E. Craig Scott, Raymond Skipp, Rosina Widdowson-Reynolds, Stanley Wojno Jr., Jessica Zaccaro and Craig Zehms.

Reviews (Los Angeles)

  • Los Angeles Times, October 6, 1984, by Dan Sullivan. (text).
  • Back Stage, "Stars light dark season; theater." September 7, 1984, by Victoria Gluck. (text).


  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery.


  • Anthony Head resume, 1997
  • Chess playbill 1988
  • A Patriot for Me (Chichester) playbill 1983
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998

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