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Television series, February 1 to November 20, 1987. BBC. Episode: ?? (he played the bodyguard).

Series Description: "Satiric crime series, written by Roy Clarke, featuring New York actor David Andrews as American actor Larry Summers who stars in a TV mini-series, 'Pulaski," about a Polish-American private detective and former priest. In performance, Pulaski is sober, brave, and honest; off-air, Larry Summers is a drunk, a lecher, and all-purpose bad boy. The stories have the character/actor confuse TV fiction with reality thus drawing him into (real) local crimes. Caroline Langrishe played his wife, Kate, as well as the character Briggsy in the 'TV show.' The eight-part series was produced by Paul Knight." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)

Series Cast: Cast: David Andrews, Caroline Langrishe (leads), Ray Winstone, Donald Hewlett, Terry Cade, Timothy Carlton, Mark Greenstreet, Kate Harper, Gordon Honeycombe, Neil Morrissey, Claire Parker, Rolf Saxson, Anthony Valentine, Peter Woods.

Series Reviews

  • The Times, October 3, 1987, by Martin Cropper. (text)
  • The Sunday Times, October 4, 1987, by Patrick Stoddart. (text)
  • The Times, October 10, 1987,by Andrew Hislop. (text)
  • The Sunday Times, November 1, 1987, by Patrick Stoddart. (text)


  • British Television - An Illustrated Guide
  • Chess playbill 1988 (from Miyu's ASH-GASP page)
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998
  • Karen Parks
  • Karen Topinka

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