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Television series, 1977-79. BBC. Episode: "A Safe Harbor" (1979).

Series Description: "A Second World War drama series about the rescue of Allied aircrews from occupied Europe through an escape organization called Lifeline. The escape line was run by a young Belgian woman known as Yvette (Jan Francis); her second-in-command was restauranteur Albert (Bernard Hepton), with RAF liaison officer Curtis (Christopher Neame). On the German side there was Luftwaffe officer Brandt (Michael Culver) and Gestapo man Sturmbahnfürer Kessler (Clifford Rose). Producer Gerard Glaister devised the 42 eps. x 55 mins. series with Wilfred Greaterox. A 5 eps. x 50 mins/1 ep. x 55 mins. sequel, Kessler (BBC-1, 13/11-1/12/81), followed, bringing the story to date and featuring Rose's Kessler as a wanted war criminal; the series was devised by producer Glaister and John Brason." (British Television - An Illustrated Guide)

A Safe Harbor (1979). Written by Allan Prior. Directed by Tristan deVere Cole. Cast: Bernard Hapton (Albert); Angela Richardson (Monique); Clifford Rose (Kessler); Terrence Hardman (Reinhardt); Juliet Hammond-Hill (Natalie); Ron Pember (Alain); Struan Rodger (Miller); Steve Gardner (Ashton); Gordon Kane (Oliphant); Robin Davies (Whale); John D.Collins (Inspector Delon); Roger Booth (Reichskommissar Glaub); Robert Gillespie (Zander); Anthony Head (Hanslick); Jon Croft (Guide); Alfred Hoffman (Marek); Guy Siner, Peter Richards (German monitoring personnel); Bunny Lane (Stripper).

Reviews and Articles

  • The Times, November 26, 1979, by Fay Weldon. (text)
  • Sunday Telegraph, "Belgian courage." October 20, 1979. (London Day By Day). (text)


  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery.


  • British Television - An Illustrated Guide
  • Transylvania 1992 Programme
  • Biography from ASH press kit, 1998

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